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The Canadian Heritage Photography Foundation (CHPF) is a registered Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to collecting, preserving, and digitization iniatives to make the archive available to students, researchers and the community. Through promotion and preservation of photography, the archive connects people with Canadian history.

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Volunteer Testament:
Although it has been about two years since my summer photography internship with the CHPF, I wanted to reach out once more and send another thank you. When I was searching for an internship, I was originally feeling quite lost as to what I wanted my career in photography to provide myself and others. Finding the position you had offered was so crucial to my post-graduate life so far and how my current work life is also going. This internship gave me unbelievable direction and propelled me into many new discoveries about how I work and how I can use photography as a tool. My internship helped me see such a larger global picture through the materials handled, and this translates directly to my position now. I think of George Hunter and his life still, so often, and will too often recount his life stories that I discovered in my short time there to nearly anyone who will listen! A little long winded, but I felt it important to thank you again after all this time. My internship helped shape so much of my current identity as a photographer, and I cannot be grateful enough for that opportunity.” J.D