George Hunter Photographs on Exhibit @ The Legislative Assembly, Toronto: August - December 2019



Community Exhibits Program
The Legislative Assembly of Ontario
The West Wing Gallery
August - December 2019

The Community Exhibits Program is an opportunity for cultural organizations from across Ontario to showcase their treasures and share their stories with a wider audience.  The Legislative Assembly selected The Canadian Heritage Photography Foundation (CHPF) to display a selection of photographs, cameras and ephemera from the George Hunter collection.

The Canadian Heritage Photography Foundation is pleased to present photographs from our current digitization project of George Hunter’s images of Ontario.  Hunter is a well-known Canadian photographer.  In 1976, he became one of the first photographers to be elected an academician of the Royal Academy of Arts.  He was a documentary photographer who dedicated his life to capturing Canada’s industrial life, agricultural and rural landscape, cultural diversity and rich heritage.  After his death in 2013, CHPF was bequeathed his archive of over 100,000 negatives, transparencies and prints.  Made possible in part by the Documentary Heritages Communities Program through Library and Archives Canada, CHPF is excited to begin the process of digitizing these important images and making them available to the public.

To learn more about the Community Exhibits Program visit the Legislative Assembly of Ontario website:
The current display is available from August 14th until December 2019 in the West Wing Gallery, Legislative Assembly, Toronto.